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Investment Service

1. Maanshan Administrative Service Center shall provide the investors with one-stop streamlined service for examination and approval.
The investors shall submit the project application report, the enterprise contract and articles of association, etc for check and approval and required documents for commercial and industrial registration and registration in Customs, taxation and foreign exchange authorities. Maanshan is entitled to approve the foreign-funded projects belonging to the encouraged and the allowed categories with a total investment under USD 300 million. 

When land is needed and if the land has been included in the city’s plan for business land use, the investors shall obtain the land-use right first through land listing, bidding or auction in Maanshan Land Development Center, and then apply for handling <>, <> and <> in Maanshan Urban Planning Bureau. Whereas if the needed-land has not fallen into the city’s plan for business land use, Maanshan Urban Planning Bureau may put forward the land-use comments in view of the size and the nature of the proposed projects to Maanshan Municipal Government for examination and approval.

2. For the projects settled in Maanshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the investors shall submit relevant documents to its administration for handling the required procedures, such as obtaining project approval certificate, enterprise organization code, business license, registration in foreign exchange administration and bank account opening. The Administrative Committee will provide a whole-range coordinated service for the investors, wherever needed.

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