The People’s Government Of MaAnShan
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Living Conditions

33.51 m2 per-capita living space for urban residents 

Tap water and gas utilized in the whole urban area 

6 institutions of higher learning,6 provincial pilot high schools, 57 ordinary middle  schools and 2 schools of special education 

State-class AAAA Caishi Scenic Area, where great poet Li Bai died 

18 longitudinal and 8 transverse main roads; 47 bus lines 

2 Class 3 Grade B comprehensive hospitals and over ten hospitals of other various grades 

10  banking institutions with 220 business outlets; over 20 financial institutions for securities and insurance 

22 tourist star-level hotels (1 five-star hotel, 4 four-star hotels and 7 three-star hotels)

Sponsor: people's Government of maanshan Contract for job the unit: Ma information management office Record number: ICP 11015966th
Address: maanshan taibai road No. 2008 Route map Technical support phone: 0555-8355562 email: zip code: 243000
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