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Capital Costs

Maanshan has comparable advantages in capital and operational costs. The basic prices are as follows: 

Household water: 1.6 yuan / m3 

Industrial water: 2.1 yuan / m3 

Commercial water: 2.45 yuan/m3 

Office water: 2.02 yuan/ m3   

Household natural gas: 2.1 yuan/m3 

Industrial natural gas: 2.56 yuan/ m3 

Commercial natural gas: 2.8 yuan/ m3 

Minimum monthly pay is set at 560 yuan in the city proper and 460 yuan in Dangtu County 

The enterprises shall pay for their worker and staff members pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance and maternity

insurance, which account for 20%, 1.5%, 6.5%, about 3‰ (changing with different occupations) and 7‰respectively in the total volume of their wages.

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